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S-Track Or L-Track, Which One Should I Choose?

The S-Track vs. L-Track debate has been on for a while. The discussion – very old but also very popular – over which back massage chair will be the ideal massage chair for you has gone on while new technology continues to appear.

Some experts in the furniture industry agree that despite both massage chairs for home exist for several years; many people still don’t recognize each of them, having many problems by understanding their differences which is why, sometimes, is very hard to choose the ideal massage chair for their homes.

With a stunning 75% of people experiencing back problems nationwide, and with a massage chair market continuously growing in variety and financial payment offers; is becoming more important than ever to differentiate one back massage chair from the other,  so you can successfully buy the ideal massage chair for your home.

So, whether if you are a massage chair specialist or someone interested in investing in the ideal massage chair for your back pain, this article will help you to decide the best back massage chair that suits your needs. 

 A little bit of history

As you may know by now, massage chairs for home existed a while ago. Since the 1800s, the massage chair industry has been trying to replicate human massage with its many benefits in a comfortable machine that you can use inside the safety of your home.

However, modern massage chairs for home like the L-Track came back from the 2010s when a Japanese company presented it in Las Vegas under another name, but with the mechanism adapted in the back and under the seat thus becoming the most complete massage chair so far.

What Are Roller Tracks?

Every massage chair counts with a set of rollers that are contained inside a roller track. This device is responsible for all the relaxing movements massage chairs for home does.

The roller track can extend from the neck to the lower back, and in some models, including the buttocks and hamstrings. The roller track is what allows the rollers to move up and down, but also in a lateral way; allowing your back massage chair to efficiently mimic all the movements that a massage therapist can do on your body.

Thanks to this technology, your back massage chair can provide you tapping and kneading movements as well as forward and backward of your body with the help of a special set of several roller tracks known as 3D. 

S-Track vs. L-Track: The showdown

Taking into consideration the shape of the roller tracks, you can divide the massage chair for homes in two categories: S-Track and L-Track.

These two technologies were born to make you feel relax, help you to ease your back pain, and many other massaging benefits. However, if you are looking to choose the ideal massage chair for your home, these are the differences between both: 

S-Track: Follows The Human Spine Shape

The S-Track massage chairs have been around for a while now, and they possess a roller track system that follows the human spine.

The S-Track is known that as the initial of its name: the sinusoidal shape which allows rollers to move up and down on your rested body by following your back and the natural S form of the spine.

This back massage chair has a massage function that starts right in the neck and goes all the way down to your mid-back where it stops and then moves again to your lower back by using the forward utility. The final result is to give the feeling of a human-made massage for the final user.

The reason why the S-Track technology was born was to imitate the natural curvature of the spine. Old massage chairs don’t have it, which means they possessed a straight roller track that would cause discomfort in the middle back while leaving the upper and lower back out of the treatment. 

L-Track: Goes To Infinity And Beyond

The L-Track is the “newest” technology for a back massage chair, and they have been around for just a couple of years. These massage chairs for home were made from Japanese technology and hit the national market not so lone g ago.

The meaning of their name can have a connotation of an “extended” roller track which allows these back massage chairs to cover more body parts. The L-Track consists of an addition of another roller track from the S-Track to reach the buttocks or the hamstrings, giving a sensation of a full body massage.

Another difference between the S-Track is that the

L-Track line

will offer a continuous and full body massage. Some newest updates include massage in the gluts, piriformis, and hamstring muscles offering total attention to all your lower back muscles which receive the same amount of vigorous activity than the neck or upper back; leaving behind the airbag massage of the seat.


Since the L-Track seems to be the “evolution” of the S-Track line, because it covers all the S-Track body zones and more, you can find the L-Track as the ideal massage chair for back pain and health-related conditions like piriformis syndrome, or sciatica. Sore thighs or muscles can also be effectively relieved with the use of the L-Track line as the ideal back massage chair.


S-Track Vs. L-Track: Which One To Choose?

Each back massage chair offers a nice list of benefits, but to choose the ideal massage chair for your home, you should ask yourself: what are your current needs? Is this massage chair going to cover all my present and future needs?

Taking into consideration that, by purchasing the L-Track massage chair you will also enjoy the S-Track mechanism, it seems like the most reasonable choice to make; however, the final call will always depend on your budget and your requirements.

Are you ready to choose the ideal massage chair for your back pain? We invite you to visit our store to compare our models in stock and make the most accurate choice for you and your family.


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