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Considering owning a massage chair? Pretty sure you are! Getting at home tired after a long workday or a demanding workout session would make you desire to have a machine that would take all the pain away.

Massage chairs have been very popular since their creation in the 1800s. They have come in several shapes, colors, and sizes: even with new technology.

So, here is the tricky part: What is the S-Track? Which one is better S-Track or L-Track? Airbag massage function? Infinity massage chairs, Kahuna, Daiwa, Synca, Kyota, Sharper Image, Inner Balance, Tru, US Jaclean? Which are the most innovative massage chairs? Which are the best massage chairs in the world?

At the end of this blogpost, you will have a better idea or call us. Continue reading! 

5 Things You Must Know When Buying a Massage Chair

There are a lot of things to learn from the massage chairs for home industry. So, let’s look at some of the 5 things you need to know when buying a massage chair. 

1.    Best Massage Chairs in The World

In the category of the best massage chairs in the world, we can find infinity massage chairs along with the Kahuna models to be the most innovative and helpful massage chairs for home.

The infinity massage chairs line will often occupy the first 3 places among the best massage chairs in the world since they come packed with a lot of new technology in a very attractive exterior. Some of these amazing features include the 2-stage Zero Gravity – amazing for chronic back pain or sciatica issues -, along with a complete boy scan to personalize your need and four automated modes to help you relax within their 38 massage airbags.

Something you will want to purchase. 

2.    Consider Your Free Space Available

Some massage chairs for home tend to be very big and bulky. The problem with big furniture is that is very hard to move and difficult to clean. Massage chairs may need an approximate of 3” of space; and if it is from the folding type, you might even need more space.

Other massage chairs may also come with head and foot recliners, which is a good reason to efficiently measure the size you have decided for your new massage chair to guarantee that it won’t hit any corner or near walls. Also, certain massage chairs for home comes with a set of wheels, so you can move them around when you need to. All these specifications need to be reviewed before purchasing massage chairs for home.

Consider the available space from your living area or the desired final space before hitting the massage chairs for home market. You will find the ideal massage chair that adapts to your needs. 

3.    Which Type of Massage Do You Need?

Depending on the massage chairs for home you choose, you will enjoy a different set of massages made from them. The most innovative massage chairs like the infinity massage chairs will offer you a wide set of massages, making them one of the best massage chairs in the world.

These are some type of massages you will enjoy from the most innovative massage chairs as well as the best massage chairs in the world:

·      Kneading

This massage technique involves the manipulation of soft tissues in two ways: against each other or the bones. This technique is often recommended for treating tight, chronic pain relief, handling sore muscles, and to increase flexibility.

·      Shiatsu

This ancient massage technique is often the most popular and effective from all. You can find this massage style in both innovative massage chairs and infinity massage chairs. It consists of applying pressure with hands, palms, and thumbs against the core stress points on our bodies.

·      Rolling

This is a massage technique that needs to lift and roll your skin between the masseur’s fingers and thumbs. Duplicated by most of the massage chairs for home with the help of a set of rollers and a special roller track, it helps you to release muscle tension, and skin tightness due to stress, giving you a relaxed sensation through your body.

·      Tapping

This is a type of percussive massage created to stimulate your muscles. The massage chairs for home intended to replicate the masseur’s movements – specifically the striking ones applied with his/her fits –to stimulate your blood circulation thus increasing muscle temperature and tissue elasticity

·      Especial techniques

Some special techniques – like the ones offered by the infinity massage chairs line – consist of heated massage, spinal relief, yoga, reflexology, and muscle stretch. Each one with its advantages.


4.    How much are you willing to pay?

As the space aspect, the budget should be the number two thing in your 5 things you need to know when buying a massage chair, so you can efficiently search the ideal massage chair for you. Moreover, massage chairs come from a wide range of different prices, sizes, technology, and many other characteristics. So, define your price tag before wasting precious time looking for expensive massage chairs for home that you could not afford. You can explore the financing options or Buy Now Pay Later with or without interest.


5.    Which Features My Massage Chair Needs to Have?

·      Massage power

This feature is most important than the massage types of your massage chairs for home can have. Most of the time is the turning point for buying one or another model of massage chairs for home. Depending on personal likes, massages can be softer or rougher, which is why you need to find a way to learn it before purchasing one.

·      Rollers

Like we said before, the rollers are the ones that do all the work for your pleasure. They are specially designed to move downwards, upwards, toward the right and the left of your back, and produce a soothing sensation on your body while providing a comfortable massage.

·      Heating

The heated massage is a very important feature to ease your muscle pain. The heated pads will help you to relax your muscles and joint pain, while also helping you to improve your blood circulation.

·      Body Scan technology

This amazing and new body scan feature will help to personalize the massage type for every user. The objective is to track personal characteristics like spinal curvature and other physical aspects.

Would you like to improve your health and mood with the help of a massage chair for home? Visit now our store to find the perfect massage chair that best suits your needs in here.

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john brown
Aug 06, 2021

seeking massage zero gravity chair with HEEL SCRAPING finger touch/ tapping and also a seperate foot machine that does it all thankyou. contact my email address as want to purchase either one but must have the above.

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